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Chess In the Digital Age

As of Nov 2018, when the World Chess Championship is underway with Caruana challenging Carlsen, there are four players in the world with FIDE rating over 2800 mark. According to

Carlsen, Caruana, Mamedyarov, Ding, the gang of four had rating in the 2800 range. 

Some argue that the rating is inflated in recent decade, but important factor was the widely adoption of computer software and chess engines in training. 

In the following series of articles, we’ll introduce the most popular chess software, from the open-source free Lucas Chess to the most professional Chessbase used by most top players in the world. 

We’d also introduce how chess engines work, the pros and cons of using chess engine in training. 

Later we’ll also layout how big data plays an important role in chess training and even preparation of opponents. 

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