Good luck to players at World Youth/Cadet Championship 2019!

To help those players, we’ve put together a script to scrap all listed players’ games and packaged them by age group.

The list of official players were obtained from chess-results:

The data source of the games are from

We highly recommend you downloading these files before the event, just in case the wifi at the event venues is not corporations. Bear in mind players and coaches usually need to get online and download opponents’ games almost at the same time, in order to prepare for next round.

In these files, all official players’ games were included.

During tournament, we recommend you checking newly uploaded games played in the tournament.

Click on the age group below to download the pgn(zipped) file. You can open it with almost any chess program.








Again, congratulations to qualified players:

US Chess Announces 2019 World Cadet Qualifiers

US Chess Announces 2019 World Youth Qualifiers



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