Checkmate and Attacking the King 1


A chess club in the digital age, Princeton Chess Club strives to help chess players in all levels by leveraging the power of computer software including Chessbase, chess engines and big data technology.  


Eddy Tian
3 years after Eddy started to learn chess, Eddy gained the National Master title in 2017 when he was 10. Among one of the top rated chess players in his age group, Eddy won the New Jersey 1st grade and 2nd grade champion in 2013 and 2014. In 2017, Eddy won his first national title by winning the 5th grade championships in 2017. He was honored to be member of the All-American Chess Team in 2018.  Noticeably, Eddy achieved master level chess by playing only 112 tournaments, thanks to the effective training. 

Ye Tian
Since 2003 Ye has been working in investment banks and hedge funds as a quant strategist. He has extensive experience in analyzing huge data sets in the financial industry, especially in the high frequency trading space. In 2014, over the course of many restless weekends Ye created a special training program that generated instructional puzzles from millions of master games. In 2017, Ye built a very special program to build opening repertoires automatically from massive master game databases.